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How to humanize drums

Drums dictate the rhythm of the majority of modern and contemporary music. Also, drums can make a difference among genres and subgenres. Most remixes nowadays mainly consist in adjusting the BPM and changing the drum pattern, especially when the song is flipped into an EDM or Hip Hop-sounding track. While most standard patterns are known […]

How to build chords

Chords are the foundation of music as they’re the element that dictates the overall mood of any piece. The same melody can have very different feels based on the chords it’s layered upon. Getting the chords right is crucial because it can make or break the track, but don’t worry because it’s not as scary […]

How to Create 808s From Scratch

In this article, you’ll learn how to sample 808s from anywhere, but mostly from sample packs. This trick allows us to somewhat replicate the timbre of a bass sound and use it as a starting point for our own 808 sound design. Source Pick whatever bass sound, loop, or track, with a low end that […]

5 Quick Ways to flip a sample or loop

The Importance of flipping samples Music production is about making music, and to make music you need to either use or create sounds. If you’re used to working with samples and loops, you’ll have encountered the need of making them “yours”. There’s so much creative effort that can be put into someone else’s melodic idea […]